Kidde Natura Inert Gas Fire Suppression

Kidde Fire Systems Natura™ Inert Gas System provides flexibility with your choice of four agents, efficient installation and overall lower total cost of ownership driven by reduced material, installation and labor costs, as well as a more economical refill cost after a discharge.

Compared with other high-pressure inert gas systems, our series 400 valve regulates flow and pressure to allow the use of Schedule 40 piping for many applications. Installation time and labor costs are further reduced with the use of pre-fabricated manifolds, quick-connect actuation hoses and electrical connectors.


  • Choice of four NFPA and ISO approved agents, IG-01: Pure Argon, IG-55: Gaseous Mixture of 50% Nitrogen and 50% Argon, IG-100: Pure Nitrogen,IG-541: Fixed fire extinguishing systems that use inert, gaseous mixture of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon, and8% Carbon Dioxide.
  • Wide flexibility when selecting storage area as cylinders can be stored hundreds of feet from hazard
  • Argon may be used for application-specific Class D materials such as titanium dust, magnesium, etc.
  • Suitable for low-temperature applications
  • Suitable for rooms that are hard to seal and open spaces such as museums and labs

Lower Material Costs

  • Pressure and flow regulating valve allows for Sch. 40 pipe
  • Actuation up to 60 cylinders accomplished with a single release unit mounted on the primary cylinder so there is no need for separate pilot cylinders
  • Selector valves protect multiple hazards with a single cylinder bank, reducing overall system cost

Lower Installation, Labor and Refill Costs

  • Several sizes of pre-fabricated manifolds with pre-installed check valves ready for discharge hose connections
  • Fast & easy installation using quick-connect actuation hoses and electrical connections
  • Economical agent refill cost after a discharge
Kidde Fire Systems Natura™ Inert gas fire suppression system