FireFlex Novec 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression

The FireFlex clean agent fire extinguishing integrated systems, are designed with user-friendly features. This FIREFLEX® 1230 unit equipped with a Sevo System, are very easy to install and maintain.

Control Fire Systems is an Authorized dealer to distribute the Fireflex systems.

These factory-assembled FIREFLEX® 1230 cabinets, are guaranteed to have all components carefully integrated with safety in mind. All systems are fully programmed and tested at the factory which facilitates the onsite installation and commissioning process.

The FIREFLEX® 1230 cabinets are of the freestanding type and are made of robust 14-gauge steel with a corrosion resistant fire red paint finish. The cabinets are also provided with one or two locked frontal doors, reducing space requirements for ease of installation and maintenance. Furthermore, all doors are provided with a neoprene gasket to reduce vibrations and can be removed without special tools for easy access.


simple and quick installation thereby reducing costs

compact factory assembled and tested systems

lockable doors to avoid unauthorized handling

clean agent safe for occupants

environmentally safe long-term solution

available in multiple sizes

serial number for easy reference

FM Approved as an assembled unit

UL/ULC Listed as an assembled unit

Seismic type construction, up to 2 x 601 lbs cylinders, 46'' cabinet

To all owners of a Novec 1230 system, register your system today to see if you qualify for 20-year protection against regulatory bans or restrictions on the use of Novec 1230 fluid. Follow this link to get more information and register.

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