Fire Alarm System Services

Fire alarm systems are a complex ecosystem of devices that protect your building, your business, and the people who live or work in your facility. Each component needs to work properly and communicate effectively from one end to the other.

Business fire alarm systems contain five basic elements: fire alarm initiating devices, fire notification devices, a fire alarm control panel, the primary power supply, and a backup power supply.

Fire alarm initiating devices activate the system when there's a fire. These can be manual, like pull stations, or automatic, like smoke detectors. Fire notification devices let people in your facility know there's a fire and they should evacuate. These can be visual devices, like strobes, or audible bells and horns. The fire alarm control panel is the beating heart of your fire alarm system. The fire alarm control system monitors and manages initiation devices. When initiation devices are triggered, it sends a signal to the control panel, which directs the notification devices to activate. Fire alarm systems need power to operate and your electric company provides a primary power supply in the form of 120- or 240-volt AC power. Should something happen and primary power is unavailable, your backup power supply will carry the load until primary power can be restored. Common backup power supply systems include a diesel generator or a 6- or 12-volt battery bank.

Our Fire Alarm System Services Include:

Fire Alarm System Engineering

Factory-trained engineers assess your facility's needs and create a customized AutoCAD design that ensures your fire alarm and suppression system works perfectly to protect your building and staff.

Fire Alarm System Installation

Our expert teams carry all the necessary certifications and training to handle even the most complex commercial fire alarm systems installation. We serve a wide range of clients, from restaurants to industrial spaces and large commercial operations. Once your system is operational, inspection teams keep your business in compliance with local and national regulations.

Fire Alarm System Testing & Verification

While you may choose to handle some of the required daily and monthly fire alarm system tests, mandated fire alarm system testing and verification must be carried out on an annual basis by certified and properly trained technicians. Results must be logged and records maintained for regulatory authorities.

Fire Alarm Inspections

In order to keep your fire alarm system in good working order and compliant with local and national regulations, you have to perform daily, monthly, and annual inspections. They cover all aspects of your system and ensure your building is well-protected. Annual inspections can only be done by certified inspectors.

Fire Alarm System Maintenance and Repairs

If a problem is noted during an inspection or you experience a malfunction, our well-trained maintenance teams handle the issue quickly and efficiently to ensure maximum uptime for your fire alarm system.

Product Upgrades & Sales

Our experienced sales teams work with in-house engineers and the industry's best manufacturers to bring you the most reliable, cost-effective equipment. We offer a wide range of fire safety system components, including fire alarm systems, strobes, sirens, fire detection systems, commercial fire alarms, and fire suppression solutions. Whether you need to upgrade an outdated system or are looking for a new fire alarm system for sale, our team is happy to help.

Fire Protection System 24-Hour On-Call Emergency Service

Control Fire Systems is your partner in making sure your business is protected, even when unexpected problems pop up in your fire protection system. We deliver on-call emergency service 24 hours a day to make sure after-hours problems don't compromise safety. Our friendly dispatch quickly sends out expert technicians to assess your situation and get you back online with minimal disruption.

Why Choose Control Fire Systems?

Every fire alarm system is different and tailored to the specific needs of your business. The factors that affect what your fire alarm system looks like include how large your facility is, how many people work there, what kind of equipment or materials you have on-site, and the type of business you run. It's important to choose a reputable, experienced company to help design, install, maintain, and inspect your system.

  • Our technicians are licensed, factory-trained, and experienced. This includes service technicians and programmers for the fire alarm control panels.
  • We only employ fire alarm technicians certified by the Canadian Fire Alarm Association.
  • Our installation teams include master electricians, electrical contractors that are licensed and accredited, and sprinkler fitters from Local 853.
Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance Schedule

Fire Alarm Systems Maintenance Schedule

Fire alarm systems require ongoing maintenance and inspections to make sure they're in good working order at all times. There are daily, monthly, and annual checks and maintenance you must perform, either through training an employee to handle it or using a professional fire alarm system maintenance company that can help you deal with problems as they arise. Accurate record-keeping is a legal requirement.

Daily Checks and Maintenance

  • It's important to check that no fault or trouble lights are showing and ensure the fire alarm's AC power lamp is ON.
  • Check there isn't a build-up of combustible material, trash, or flammable liquids in or near your building.
  • Ensure all exit signs are properly displayed and that public corridors and stairwells are well-lit.
  • Make sure all fire doors work properly and aren't propped in the OPEN position.
  • All exit routes must be free from debris and obstacles.
  • Fire hoses and extinguishers are unobstructed, well-maintained, and ready for deployment.
  • If your building has sprinkler systems, ensure all water valves that control your sprinkler system are in their correct positions.
  • Check that the fire pump controller's visual indicators show the unit is ready.
  • Make sure the fire alarm control panel is free of obstructions and the locks haven't been tampered with.
  • In corridors and public areas, check fire and smoke detectors, pull stations, annunciators, bells, horns, and emergency strobe lights are working, clean, undamaged, and unobstructed.

Monthly Checks and Maintenance

  • Perform a fire alarm system test for normal operation.
  • Carry out a thorough fire alarm system inspection for signs of damage or malfunction.
  • Test and inspect smoke alarms according to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Ensure the fire alarm system works correctly with your facility's communication system.

Annual Checks and Maintenance

Annual fire alarm system inspections are mandated by the National Fire Code of Canada CAN/ULC-S536. A specially trained technician will perform a complete test of the fire alarm system to:

  • Test that the annunciator panels work correctly with your facility's fire alarm system.
  • Test initiating devices.
  • Test smoke detector sensitivity.
  • Test remote annunciators.
  • Test end-of-line devices (resistors); involves physical dismount and reinstallation.
  • Test Isolators (power buss, data buss, and in-room signal isolators); can involve physical dismount and reinstallation.
  • Make sure power supplies and batteries are working properly and don't need replacement.
  • Gen-sets in your emergency power supply loop have to be tested to make sure you can see run status and trouble indicators at the fire alarm control panel. Fuel levels and low fuel calibrations must align with your area's building code.
  • Networked systems must be verified as properly working, as well as connections to off-site monitoring services.
  • Sprinkler system connections must be checked (flow switch alarm, tamper alarm, low temperature, isolation valve supervisory signal, low air, heat trace controller trouble).
  • In-suite signals with a silence option must be checked for proper operation
  • Fire door releases work correctly and there are no improperly propped open fire doors.
Fire Alarm Systems Inspection Process

Fire Alarm Systems Inspection Process

Control Fire Systems provides a full range of maintenance, inspection, and testing that meets annual regulatory mandates at local and national levels. We can provide your Toronto-based company with daily, monthly, and annual services that offer exceptional protection and extend the life of your fire protection system investment.

Control Fire Systems is your go-to fire alarm company in the Toronto area. We handle everything from fire alarm systems sales and fire alarm control panel installations to fire alarm testing and inspection for businesses throughout Toronto. Talk to our knowledgeable team members to find out what services your business needs most.

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