They did a perfect job for Aqua-Tots North York, including engineering, city approval, procurement and installation of sprinkler systems.

Ben R

Control Fire has been our marine fire protection company for years. They have always been committed, helpful, and resourceful when it comes to annual inspections or servicing equipment. Darren and Maureen have always been available for Transport Canada inspections after new equipment installation. They are my favourite FP company.

Brendan Leach

Professional, fast and neat. They did all my fire system work for my commercial building. On-time. They have great technicians. My sales rep is Stephen Petrie, he is one of the best reps I’ve dealt with in the service industry. He takes your calls seriously and makes sure you recieve your service. Very attentive. I reccomend this company and Stephen.

Sina Jam

I look after fire safety for my building and I needed to replace some emergency exit signs. I called Control Fire--as we worked with them previously, and they handled my request swiftly and efficiently. I had the new signs installed within a few business days.

Kelly Torres

The team over at Control Fire conducted an inspection last week, and checked out sprinklers to make sure they were in good working order. The company in general strikes me as very professional. Many thanks to Darren and the team.

Patrick Johnson

CFS is professional and up-front when it comes to fire safety, procedures, and inspections. Our retrofit was completed last fall and they replaced our old system with a new one from Kidde. We were pleased with the price point, installation process, and training. More than anything, I’m glad our plant now has modern and trustworthy equipment. Control Fire Systems never misses the mark.

Mark Swansky

We actually had to put your system to use! I have only good things to say. I purchased a fire alarm from you and it helped us detect a kitchen fire last week. It did a tremendous job at alerting my family and I put one of the extinguishers to work just as you'd instructed me.

Jerry Manzo

They have always been responsive to our emergency and service calls and their advice on how to use everything has been great. All of the units they've installed in the four years we've been working with them have been reliable. We recently upgraded our Notifier panel and it's extremely streamlined and intuitive. Great products!

Dan Ball

We hired Control Fire Systems to visit our warehouse and do the full set of services such as cylinder testing, fan testing, clean agent refilling, and extinguisher inspection. They came as scheduled and did a fabulous job at making sure everything was up to government and company standards. This isn't just form filling -- we believe in safety for our workers. We were pleased with the efficiency and will continue to be in touch.

Daniel N.

We purchased a couple of fire hazard supplies including detectors, extinguishers and panels for our new house a couple of years back. Last year, we had a smile fire and luckily your products did what they were supposed to do. Thank you Control Fire Systems for making great products that keep people safe.

Alan Castleman

They came in time for our fire alarm and suppression system installation last week and provided fast and efficient service. The job was done quicker than I expected. I highly recommend their services to anyone.

T. Friesen

As a property manager of a recreational building, I am satisfied with the services and products, Control Fire System has provided for our company. Control Fire is a great company that provides all the fire prevention and protection you need such as fire suppression, fire alarm panels, fire alarm devices and fire extinguishers. It has all the products that we need to ensure our company’s safety and the people working inside it.

William S. Walter