Commercial Fire Protection

A commercial fire protection system is more than just a sprinkler system or an alarm system: it is a whole network of components designed to help you protect you, your building, and your employees.

Commercial fire protection systems include several components that, when working together, not only make your building less susceptible to damages caused by fire but also make your building a safer place to work. The details of your fire protection system depend on the details of your business, including the number of employees, the square footage of your building, and the type of business you operate.

Our Commercial Fire Protection Services Include:

Commercial Fire Systems Engineering

Our teams of engineers include our Factory Trained Design Staff, AutoCAD In-house Designers, Fire Alarm & Suppression System Design Team, Special Hazard Fire Systems Specifier, Data Center Fire Protection Design Team, and Technical Support Team. They will ensure that your fire suppression system is correctly designed and properly functioning for your building's needs and safety.

Fire Alarm & Suppression System Sales

Our sales teams work with the best manufacturers available in the business, and we are able to offer you a variety of the best equipment. Everything from fire alarm systems, strobes, and sirens to detection systems and suppression systems is available when you reach out to our team of highly-trained sales staff.

Commercial Fire Suppression & Fire Alarm Systems installation, Inspection, and Maintenance

Our experienced staff ensure that your fire alarm system is right for you. We are able to serve any size customer dealing with any fire suppression, including restaurants, industrial spaces, and commercial needs. Once our team has you set up and protected, we will ensure that your inspections are carried out on schedule and that any issues found within the system will be fixed in a timely manner.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance

Control Fire Systems qualified and experienced technicians perform all of our installations for our fire sprinkler systems. We also offer contracts for routine testing and inspection of your sprinkler system, ensuring that it is operating at 100% of its potential.

Cylinder Testing & Portable Fire Extinguishers

In our Transport Canada approved test facility, we perform many types of cylinder tests and services. We can strip and clean cylinders, test water jackets, receive complete computerized results, and repaint your cylinder.

Fan Air Leak Testing

Our comprehensive list of Fan Air Leak Testing protects the integrity of our total flooding fire suppression systems. We test all of your doors, windows, walls, floors, ventilation equipment, and ceilings for an effective and tight seal.

Fire Protection System 24-Hour On-Call Emergency Service

We provide our emergency services 24/7 to all of our customers, making sure that you're protected whenever you need.

Licensed and Trained Professionals

Our certifications include Certified Fire Alarm Technicians with the Canadian Fire Alarm Association, master electricians, licensed and accredited electrical contractors, Sprinkler Fitters Local 853, factory trained service technicians, and factory trained programmers for fire alarm control panels.

Our experienced team of professionals will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your building is protected. Fire doesn't wait and neither should you - visit us or call us at 1-866-525-8514.

Commercial Fire Protection

Essential components of commercial fire protection

Essential components of commercial fire protection

There are components to a commercial fire alarm system that are required, each playing an integral role in the protection of your business.

Automatic or manual fire alarms. Automatic fire alarms activate when they detect excess heat or smoke in an area; manual fire alarms need to be activated by a person or employee in the proximity of the alarm.

Detectors. There are several types of fire detection systems that are available, the two most common being smoke detectors and heat detectors. Some other types of not as common detection systems are ultraviolet or infrared flame detectors, and gas detectors.

Notification systems. Notification systems are composed of two parts: audible and visual alarms. Audible alarms are devices such as bells, buzzers, whistles, or sirens, while visual notification alarms include strobes, flashing lights, or rotating beacons.

Suppression agent. The suppression agent of a commercial fire protection system is the part of the system that extinguishes the fire once it has begun. Suppression systems utilize many different types of agents for effective suppression, depending on the type of fire and where it is located in the building.

Standpipe and hose systems. Standpipe and hose systems are an arrangement of charged pipes, hoses, and connections throughout the building that allow occupants or fire services to attach hoses in order to fight the fire.

Portable fire extinguishers. Portable fire extinguishers allow individuals to extinguish small fires before they grow in size.

What is a commercial fire alarm?

What is a commercial fire alarm?

A commercial fire alarm is composed of several parts that work together and are connected through a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). The fire alarm control panel acts as the singular point for fire detection systems, smoke alarms, and fire suppression systems.

There are two types of Fire Alarm Control Panels: conventional and addressable. A conventional FACP will divide the building into zones, each having its own wire running to the FACP. Once the fire detection system in a particular zone is activated the FACP will show in which zone the fire has been detected. Conventional FACPs are best suited for use in small to medium buildings such as restaurants, apartment complexes, or two story buildings.

An addressable FACP, unlike conventional FACPs, has a singular looping wire for the entirety of the building or facility. Each device connected to the loop of wire has a unique address that, when triggered, will provide a pinpoint location of the fire. Features found on an addressable FACP can allow the user to recall the elevators to the ground floor, control the ventilation or HVAC system, activate fire suppression systems, and shut down machinery.

How much does a commercial fire suppression system cost?

How much does a commercial fire suppression system cost?

The cost of a commercial fire suppression system is dependent on many variables that go into the designing and planning of the system. The type of building or facility you plan on protecting, its size, and what type of fire suppression system you need all factor into the final cost. Additionally, there are monthly monitoring fees associated with the fire suppression system, which are an ongoing cost of the product. The types of alarm systems and fire detection systems you choose can vary widely in price. Another consideration is the installation of your fire suppression system, whether it be a new building or an existing structure.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk with a member of our team, please call us at 1-866-525-8514.

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