Minimax OneU Novec 1230 Server Rack Fire Suppression

Minimax OneU Server Rack Fire Suppression System Utilizing the environmentally friendly and sustainable clean agent Novec 1230 Fire Fluid by 3M, OneU is the only system that offers a state of the art solution in a single unit of space. Using seven pounds of Novec 1230 FK-5-1-12 , a single OneU can protect up to 100 cubic feet of volume with sensitive air sampling detection technology at two levels of alarm. When detection is activated, relays are available for fan and computer shutdown and general alarm functions. In many cases, this alone will put out the fire. Should the fire continue, the suppression system is activated and the device is flooded with Novec 1230, quickly stopping the fire without leaving any residue.

Minimax OneU Novec 1230 server rack fire suppression system

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