Stat-X Aerosol

Stat-X aerosol fire suppression generators provide highly effective, environmentally friendly fire suppression for fires in enclosed facilities and local spaces. Unlike FM-200, Halon or C02, the Stat-X systems don't require the pressure vessels, pipe work, and installation manpower.

The aerosol generators are virtually maintenance free. The Stat-X generators effectiveness is a function of its patented design, aerosol composition, and the ultra-fine aerosol particles produced. Both are non-toxic, and non-corrosive.

The agent is potassium based, and is 5 times as effective as Halon. Primary extinguishing mechanism is chemical interference with free radicals of flame, which interrupts the propagation of fire. Stat-X generators are available in either electrical for engineered systems or thermal activated for pre-engineered spaces.

Stat-X is an ideal fire solution for energy storage containers, or sea cans with power generators.

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BESS fire suppression system

Stat-X Automatic Thermal Units