Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

What is an addressable fire alarm panel?

Addressable fire alarm control panels are fire protection systems that are able to swiftly detect and change in atmosphere and pinpoint an exact location when trouble arises. They're a more modern system that operates digitally rather than analog like conventional systems do.

How does an addressable fire alarm panel work?

The addressable fire alarm panel gets its name from the fact that each signalling device has its own address. An addressable fire alarm system works with a series of networked devices that transmit information directly to the addressable control panel. Essentially, a mini-computer within the panel receives these notifications and is able to identify which signalling device the information is coming from. With the activated signalling device(s) address, firefighters are able to quickly identify exactly where the suspected fire is, oftentimes before they ever even arrive on the scene. The technology within the addressable fire alarm control panel is able to automatically notify emergency services of the fire and its location so that response can begin immediately.

Where can addressable fire alarm panels be used?

An addressable fire panel is versatile and can be used in virtually any building. Because of their ability to be customized for any floorplan and their accuracy in pinpointing the exact location of a fire, an addressable fire panel is perfect for large buildings or buildings with a complex or intricate layout. Hotels, apartments, hospitals, or historic buildings are excellent candidates for addressable fire systems, but there's no limit on where an addressable system can be installed.

Features & benefits of addressable fire alarm system

Whether you go with a Kidde addressable fire alarm panel, a Honeywell addressable fire alarm control panel, or a Notifier addressable fire alarm panel, you'll love what it has to offer. Any brand you choose offers the ability to be customized specifically for your building's unique layout. This customization means more efficiency and significantly faster fire detection and suppression which translates to increased safety and decreased loss. An addressable fire panel is also capable of keeping an event log so you can see past events which enable users to easily detect any patterns. Lastly, there are less ongoing costs associated with an addressable fire alarm system when compared to conventional types.

Disadvantages of addressable fire alarm system

While the addressable fire alarm system has less ongoing costs, the setup and configuration needed to install it typically costs more than a conventional fire alarm system. This is because the customization for each building is significantly more intricate than what's found in conventional systems. Additionally, integrating different brands into the configuration of an addressable fire control panel can be an issue.

An addressable fire alarm system can save your business and save lives. We're ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to order a fire alarm inspection or to learn more about incorporating an addressable fire alarm system in your building.