CeaseFire Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression

Cease Fire's modular fire suppression units are uniquely designed to meet the widest variety of waterless fire suppression needs because of their portable, standalone nature. Each unit is pre-engineered and can function as a completely standalone unit or be networked in a custom designed system to provide the exact fire protection that your valuable property requires. Cease Fire's modular fire suppression units eliminate the problems of piping, wiring, and the cost of complicated installation—and are truly portable, to make them ultimately flexible. No matter what your fire suppression needs, Cease Fire has the correct fire protection system for you. Our flexibility is partially due to the variety of choice in surfactant used for fire suppression, with products utilizing Powder, Dual Agent, or Gas. Adding in the ability to choose between Early Detection Systems or Localized/Heat Activated Systems, Cease Fire's fire suppression systems cannot be beat for flexibility.

CeaseFire Pre-Engineered fire suppression system