FireFlex Dual Novec 1230 Clean Agent & Pre-Action Sprinkler

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are perfect for water-sensitive areas like control rooms, telecommunication centers, data centers, server rooms, museums, art galleries, archives, libraries, medical facilities, laboratories, and rooms that contain emergency backup generators. NFPA 13 mandates that buildings with sprinkler systems must be automatic systems. Pre-action sprinkler systems allow companies to remain in compliance with NFPA 13 without putting equipment or operations at risk. In mission-critical or delicate compartments, initial fire protection is delivered as a clean extinguishing agent, instead of water.

The FireFlex DUAL delivers a neatly integrated solution for facilities that need a dual agent pre-action fire sprinkler system. 3M's NovecTM 1230 fire protection fluid is a clean extinguishing agent that meets current government regulations and also proposed standards slated to come into effect with future regulations. Coupled with the Viking Pre-Action System, it offers flexible protection for a wide range of sensitive areas.

Clean agents work by removing heat or oxygen to control and suppress a fire. They're most often made up of inert gases or volatile liquids that evaporate without leaving any residue. 1230 is stored as a pressurized liquid and dispensed as a non-conductive vapour that has no odour and leaves no residue behind.


  • FireFlex® DUAL combines an automatic sprinkler system with an integrated clean agent fire suppression system
  • Installation is fast and easy, cutting down on install costs
  • Clean agents are safe for occupants and the environment
  • Can accommodate a range of space sizes
  • Single or double interlock configuration available
  • The system can use compressed air or nitrogen as a propellant
  • Class A, B, and C fires
  • Compact footprint
  • Quick connect fittings for water supply and drain
  • Riser shut-off valve
  • Locking doors for increased security
  • Rugged 14-gauge steel construction with a durable, fire-red powder coat finish to resist corrosion.
  • Integrated electrical junction boxes
  • Doors can be removed completely for servicing in tight quarters.
  • Seismic option is OSHPD pre-approved for 2 x 601 lbs cylinders in a 46-inch cabinet
  • Assembled unit is FM approved
  • Assembled unit is UL/ULC listed
  • ISO-9001 certified

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

These systems offer your sensitive materials extra layers of protection against accidental discharge or water damage in the event of a fire. A pre-action fire suppression system offers all the benefits of a dry pipe setup since extinguishing agents are propelled via air pressure or pressurized nitrogen gas. With FireFlex 1230 protection, you get clean agent fire suppression that's non-toxic, non-corrosive, and safe to use around people. It's environmentally friendly and leaves no residue, minimizing cleanup costs and downtime.

Pre-action fire suppression costs more when it comes to installation and maintenance, however, when compared to damage and downtime from water discharge, you may find it less expensive in the long run. This type of sprinkler pre-action system is more complex than a standard automatic sprinkler system and has more potential points of failure that must also be maintained. It can also be harder to customize a pre-action fire suppression system to your exact parameters. Pre-action sprinkler systems have hard limits on the areas they can safely cover. Building expansions will need to incorporate modifications to the system and fire detection and control systems.

Control Fire Systems is an Authorized Dealer for FireFlex® pre-action fire suppression systems. Reach out to our experienced team for questions about fire suppression equipment and how it will work to protect your facility.