FireFlex Dual Novec 1230 Clean Agent & Pre-Action Sprinkler

The Fireflex Dual system is a combined automatic sprinkler and clean agent integrated fire suppression system.

Control Fire Systems is an Authorized dealer to distribute the Fireflex systems.

Clean agent systems are designed with the purpose of protecting the contents of water sensitive hazards, such as IT or telecom equipment. Automatic sprinkler systems are intended and designed as primary fire protection as they offer life safety to occupants and provide building protection. A dual agent system provides the highest level of protection for mission critical facilities.

Automatic sprinklers are required in all compartments of completely sprinklered buildings as defined in NFPA 13. Preaction systems are specialized sprinkler systems that provide security against accidental water damage by using supervisory air or nitrogen pressure in the piping instead of water. When used in combination with sprinkler systems, clean agent systems are designed to serve as initial fire protection with the intent of extinguishing the fire, thereby reducing the potential for sprinkler discharge, and thus minimizing damage to the electronic equipment. For more information visit:


Simple and quick installation thereby reducing costs

Compact factory assembled and tested systems

Lockable doors to avoid unauthorized handling

Clean agent safe for occupants

Environmentally safe long-term solution

Available in multiple sizes

Serial number for easy reference

FM Approved as an assembled unit

UL/ULC Listed as an assembled unit

Seismic type construction, up to 2 x 601 lbs cylinders, 46'' cabinet


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