EXXFire Nitrogen Server Cabinet Fire Suppression


EXXFIRE 1500 - 3M3 OR 106FT3

Aspirating fire detection combined with non-pressurized nitrogen fire suppression. A system designed to protect closed server racks and electrical
cabinets up to a volume of 3m3 or 106ft3. Performance certified by CNPP, Vernon France. Object protection, securing high value
equipment close to the potential source of fire. This level of fire protection will contribute to higher business continuity and lower downtime in case
of fire starting inside mission critical equipment. Easy installation and low maintenance will contribute to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market.

Fire protection close to the source. EXXFIRE protects your systems against fire through early detection and suppression, preventing large damage to your hardware.

3 optical sensor detection module with aspiration system and Votexx TM software.