EXXFire Nitrogen Server Cabinet Fire Suppression

EXXFIRE™ Nitrogen Gas Generator Fire Suppression System for cabinets and server racks up to 84 cubic ft or 2.4m.

It uses Nitrogen as a fire suppressant, which means No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming Potential and No Corrosive Residues to clean up. These advantages are widely recognized in the world of fire suppression for IT and electrical equipment.

The solid chemical grain inside is stable and cannot leak. The generator housing is water tight before and after usage. The used chemical components will stay inside the generator and only the Nitrogen gas is released.

The EXXFIRE 1500 can be built inside or on top of the cabinet. An easy mounting plate or 19-inch rack bracket fitting kit is available. These kits also contain an aspirating detection nozzle and gas dispersion pipes, couplings and grommets.


  • Plug and Play 1500 liter or 1.90 kg of IG100 (N2)
  • No Residue
  • Led indicator
  • Pressure less gas storage
  • Maintenance free (generator)
  • Ambient temperature gas
  • Life time 10 years (generator)
  • Power supply with back-up battery
  • 3 open potential contacts

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