EXXFire Nitrogen Fire Suppression for Enclosures

Control Fire Systems carries EXXFIRE® fire protection products to help mitigate your business's fire risk.

Protect Your Facility with the EXXFIRE® Nitrogen Fire Suppression System

To protect your equipment and minimize damage or downtime, employ a nitrogen fire suppression system that features early detection and effective suppression. EXXFIRE® uses technology developed for the European Space Agency (ESA) and certified by CNPP, Vernon France. It uses some of the most sensitive detection modules available to give you a quick response time, minimize damage, and maximize uptime. Having your fire protection close to the source saves precious seconds in response time.

The EXXFIRE 1500™ cool gas generator technology is designed to protect enclosures like server racks, electrical and switching cabinets, power distribution units, and any other unit that contains mission-critical electronics. Its plug-and-play design makes this system easy to deploy across your company and its reliability and low-maintenance profile deliver a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

EXXFIRE 1500™ integrated fire suppression systems protect cabinets up to a volume of 3 m3 or 106 ft3. Each system is made up of two solid cool gas generators that put out 0.9 kg of low-pressure, ambient temperature nitrogen gas to handle Class A fires. Three Apollo™ optical sensors work with continuous aspiration technology to deliver fast smoke detection, while EXXFIRE®'s Votexx software maintains sensitivity without false alarm issues.

Flexible user interfaces make it easy to configure each unit for your application and see exactly what's happening at any moment. The system has three normally open/normally closed (NO/NC) relays, DIP switch setting variability, LED indicators, an audible buzzer, and mains powering capability.

EXXFIRE® has a distribution network that helps companies responsibly recycle used or expired generators and the swap-out procedure is simple enough that you don't have to worry about your system being offline for an extended period.

Advantages of Using Nitrogen Fire Suppression Systems

A nitrogen suppression system is cost-effective and won't hurt delicate electronics or your staff. Nitrogen is an inert gas that naturally occurs in the air we breathe every day. It is non-combustible and works by displacement, starving fires of the oxygen they need to spread. Since it's an inert gas, nitrogen fire suppression won't cause oxidation or leave behind a mess for you to clean up after your N2 fire suppression system is activated.

Unlike liquid nitrogen fire suppression systems, the EXXFIRE 1500™ uses maintenance-free, solid propellant canisters that are good for up to ten years. The cool gas generators offer a quiet, low-pressure release of pure nitrogen gas that protects electronics without interfering with sensitive equipment.

Nitrogen fire suppression works effectively against a wide range of flammable materials and is safe to store at low ambient temperatures. The gas is non-conductive and can safely be used with sensitive electronic equipment. Recharging the system is cost-effective, and these units won't contribute to global warming or destroy the ozone layer.

Protect your business with fire suppression system that helps you beat the odds. Talk to our knowledgeable representatives about how a nitrogen fire suppression system fits into your organization's fire protection plan.

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