Li-Ion Tamer

Li-ion Tamer Lithium Ion Battery Rack Monitoring System

The Li-ion Tamer Rack Monitor gas detection solution improves the safety of li-ion batteries. A plug-and-play system designed to provide an alert to "off- gas" events that occur early in the failure mode of li-ion batteries, well in advance of smoke detection and traditional LFL gas detection. Li-ion Tamer Rack Monitor gas detection solution consists of two primary components: off-gas sensors, that are very sensitive to li-ion battery off-gassing compounds, designed to monitor off-gas events and monitor the ambient environment, and the controllers that process and manage the sensor signal.

  • Early warning of lithium-ion battery failures
  • Enable thermal runaway prevention with proper mitigation actions
  • Single cell failure detection without electrical or mechanical contact of cells
  • Extended product lifetime
  • Calibration-free product
  • Highly reliable output signal
  • Low power consumption
  • Compatible with all lithium-ion battery form factors and chemistries
  • Easy installation with several mounting options
  • Independent and redundant perspective on battery health
  • Auto diagnostic capabilities
  • Reduction/removal of false positive signals
  • Several communication protocols including digital outputs and Modbus communication