Fenwal Heat Detectors

Fenwal Detect-A-Fire heat detectors combine the best features of both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise thermal detection, these units accurately sense the surrounding air temperature regardless of the fire growth rate. Designed with a rugged outer shell, these units can withstand various shock and vibration conditions.

Easy-to-install and self-resetting, various units are available for specific applications including intrinsically safe (with listed barriers), explosion-proof, corrosive and high-temperature/humidity environments. Temperature rating 140°F-725°F.


  • Repeatable - self-restoring, nothing to replace, testable
  • Rugged - withstands shock and vibration
  • Versatile - various temperature settings available
  • Durable - long lasting stainless steel shell
  • Economical - wide spacings reduce installation costs
  • Factory set
  • Internal contact area hermetically sealed in stainless steel shell
  • ROHS Compliant