Kidde Fenwal SmartOne Devices

Kidde Fenwal SmartOneĀ® Intelligent devices and modules provide initiating and control inputs and outputs from a single pair of wires on a Signaling Line Circuit (SLC). All SmartOne devices and modules are designed to provide world-class space/hazard detection and suppression outputs when needed. They offer greater capacity, flexibility, and reliability than conventional and analog detectors because of a built-in 4K microprocessor that gives them on-board intelligence.

In a SmartOne network, intelligence is distributed across the network, not confined to the network control unit. Each SmartOne detector has the ability to analyze data and make decisions based on its programmed need. FenwalNET control units are backward-compatible with the installed base of SmartOne initiating and control devices, preserving your investment in Fenwal fire suppression system products that you have acquired over the years.

SmartOne network