Kidde Fenwal Heat Sensor Cable

Kidde Fenwal LHS Linear Heat Sensor cable is a flexible, durable and cost-effective fixed temperature fire detector, suitable for protecting a wide range of commercial and industrial fire applications where spot-type heat detectors are unsuitable. Simple and easy-to-install, the LHS cable connects directly to the fire alarm panel initiating circuit. A short circuit along the LHS cable indicates a zone alarm condition. The LHS cable is available in a variety of operating temperatures and jackets.

Kidde Fenwal LHS Linear Heat Sensor cable


  • Fixed temperature digital heat detector
  • Four alarm temperatures available: 155°F, 190°F, 220°F, 356°F
  • Compatible with all fire control panels
  • Connect directly to initiating circuit
  • Cost-effective solution for hazardous locations
  • Ideal for sse in applications where spot-yype heat detectors are unsuitable