Minimax MX 1230 725 psi Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Minimax MX 1230 fire extinguishing system uses 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, which will not damage electronics and leaves no residue behind. It also has a higher safety margin than other clean agents, making it extremely safe for people working in protected areas. With 0.0 ozone depletion potential, an atmospheric lifetime of just five days, and a global warming potential of 1.0, the MX 1230 system is the long-term alternative to Halon. Our exclusive 725 psi system allows longer pipe runs, smaller pipe sizes, remote tank location, and multi-zone protection from a single cylinder bank. With the only Novec™ 1230 system approved for use with selector valves, Minimax can deliver cost savings and system flexibility for large area protection.


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