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Go to Control Fire Systems for Suppression. They put together my drawings and calculations and performed the install. Thanks guys.

These guys know what they’re doing. We installed this new Fire flex system for a client that we got from Control fire systems and it saved us a ton of time on the install. Highly recommend both control fire and also taking a look at Fire Flex system.

Protecting your investments with
suppression systems

At Control Fire Systems, we take care of everything from the designs & calculations, to the installation, inspection & repairs. Putting in the right system is just as important as the company you trust to install it. Protecting companies from fire is what we do.

Many companies invest heavily into sophisticated state-of-the-art servers to contain and manage critical business data essential to their survival and growth. The economic losses associated with a major technical dysfunction, like that of a computer room fire, could be devastating. The following will likely occur if you don’t have the right suppression system in place.

  • Service will be disrupted for your customers
  • Damage or destruction of expensive electronic equipment requiring repair or replacement
  • Loss of irreplaceable data
  • Costly and time-consuming site cleanup and repairs from fire and water damage

Companies are looking to upgrade their aging systems. Some systems may be protected with Halon 1301 or maybe they are being protected by water. Since Halon 1301 is no longer being manufactured and water will most definitely damage your electronics; CFS has all the right alternatives to correctly protect your electronics, keep your employees safe and also save the environment at the same time.

How these clean agent systems work

  • They use chemical-based agents to absorb the heat of the fire
  • They reduce the oxygen in the room by displacing it with other gases such as Argon or Nitrogen.

These clean agent systems are non-ozone depleting with short atmospheric life, they are electrically non-conductive and also non-corrosive. This means you’re protected against permanent damage, if any at all. In addition, they leave no residue which avoids costly and time-consuming post-fire clean-ups.

These are just a few of the product lines we carry.

Kidde-Fenwal3M Novec and Fm-200

Fireflex 1230 and Fireflex Dual

Minimax – MX 200 & MX 1230

Stat-X Aerosol


Trust the right company with almost 50 years experience providing fire protection services. Book a free consultation with one of our specialists and see how we can protect you and your assets.

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