Novec 1230 Systems

Sea-Fire Novec 1230, FK5-1-12 agent USCG approved Fire Suppression Systems protect enclosed compartments. Systems can operate manually, automatically or both through heat activation. Discharge will occur when the sensor valve temperature rises to the system activation point as shown on the label attached to each unit. Systems with a manual designation provide boat operators the option to activate the fire control system on demand.

Sea-Fire systems are available for spaces from 25 to 1,500 cubic feet to fit most marine vessel engine compartments.

  • For gasoline and diesel powered craft
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum cylinders and valve
  • Available in automatic or auto/manual configurations
  • Auto/Man configured fire extinguishers require a manual discharge cable (sold separately)
  • Sea-Fire FD series extinguishers are equipped with a factory installed pressure switch which is intended for cylinder pressure supervision and may also be used to control other electrical functions (engine shutdown, air exchange equipment, etc.)
  • Cylinders come complete with marine approved brackets, face plate, and installation manual. All items are included in shipment
  • Diesel Engine Craft will be required to install an Engine Shutdown System
Sea-Fire FM-200 & Novec 1230 fire suppression system Sea-Fire fire suppression system