Kidde Marine Fire Suppression

Kidde marine fire suppression system

Marine ECS™ Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are the preferred fire suppression solution for facilities that cannot afford the downtime associated with a fire or typical water-based fire suppression systems. Clean Agent systems extinguish a fire quickly by breaking down the molecular structure of the fire. The suppression agents do not harm the equipment or personnel in the protected room or cause a mess to clean up afterwards. ECS™ Clean Agents offer rapid fire extinguishment, suppressing fires within seconds of the agent being discharged into the protected area. The agents are ventilated out of the space and do not leave behind a residue to be cleaned up, allowing your facility to get back to work immediately.

Clean Agent Characteristics Defined by NFPA 2001

Suppression Agents Offered by Kidde Fire Systems

- They are volatile, non-conductive gases.

- HFC-227ea

- They leave behind no residue of any kind.

- 3M™ Novec™ Fire Protection Fluid

- They are safe for use in occupied areas when properly designed.

- FE-13™

- They are environmentally acceptable to the EPA.