CO2 Fire Suppression Agent For Sale

CO2 is able to suppress fires by eliminating the oxygen that the fire requires to burn. CO2 fire suppression systems are most commonly used in areas that feature equipment and are absent of personnel, since CO2 is toxic to humans even at low concentrations. Most CO2 suppression systems are designed to be "total flooding" suppression systems, allowing for the entire room to be filled with sufficient levels of CO2.

CO2 Advantages

Using CO2 has its advantages when compared with other "total flooding" suppression systems - it is a naturally occurring gas that doesn't require manufacturing, and is less expensive than other fire-extinguishing agents.

CO2 is an inert gas, meaning that it does not react when in contact with metals or plastics, causing no further damage to the area - unlike a traditional water-based sprinkler system. CO2 is also a fantastic choice for fire suppression systems in industrial rooms, such as engine rooms, industrial generators, and flammable liquid storage areas, as these areas are not staffed, making CO2 not only a safe choice, but also cost-effective.

Sensitive electronics also benefit from the use of CO2 in a total flooding suppression system due to the fact that CO2 leaves no residue behind after it has dissipated, allowing work to continue as soon as the CO2 concentrations have reduced to a safe level.

Purchase Procedure

Control Fire Systems makes it easy for you to switch to a CO2-based suppression system from a dated Halon or other HFC system.

In order for us to purchase your old suppression agents, we must first determine two things:

  1. How many cylinders are you selling?
  2. Within those cylinders, how many kgs of the suppression agent remain?

Using this basic information, we will determine a purchase value using the current commodity price of the suppression agents you are selling us. We will then generate a purchase order.

Next, we will arrange for the transportation and shipping of your cylinders to our facility. Your shipping company will need MSDS and dangerous goods placards for the goods being shipped, both of which we will supply!

Once we receive your old suppression agent, we will provide you with detailed weight information within 72 hours (total weight of tank - tare weight & nitrogen loss = agent weight received). The last step is for you to send us an invoice in order for us to provide payment.

Sell Procedure

Control Fire Systems sells CO2 to locations in both the USA and Canada. No matter how large your fire suppression system is, we are able to support it, and our fully insured experts will be on-site to decommission your dated suppression system and replace it with a modern system.

We offer quick turnarounds on refilling your suppression agents, keeping your business safe and protected. Shipping will also no longer be a headache when doing business with us, and we will be here to help you break down Bill of Lading terminology, supply MSDS sheets, and even provide you with dangerous goods placards for your shipping vehicle. We can also ensure that all products come from our ULC-certified storage and recycling facility.

Why Choose Control Fire Systems?

Control Fire Systems is your one-stop shop for all things fire suppression! We have decades of experience in working with fire suppression systems, and employ skilled technicians for every project. Control Fire Systems offers our professional expertise to customers in both the USA and Canada, and we operate with ULC-certified recycling and storage facilities which can handle Halon gas and other clean agents.

In addition, our handlers are here to provide a service as trustworthy as ours, and we are fully insured to handle any accidents if they were to occur. Our staff will offer support when you want to decommission your suppression system, and will have you protected again with a modern, safe, and effective suppression system. Our job is to guarantee that your business is protected at all times, making our turnaround time on discharged cylinders as quick as ever.

Get the protection you need today!

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