CO2 Fire Suppression Agent For Sale

Why Choose Control Fire Systems?

Control Fire Systems is your one-stop shop for all things fire suppression! We have decades of experience in working with fire suppression systems, and employ skilled technicians for every project. Control Fire Systems offers our professional expertise to customers in both the USA and Canada, and we operate with ULC-certified recycling and storage facilities which can handle Halon gas and other clean agents.

In addition, our handlers are here to provide a service as trustworthy as ours, and we are fully insured to handle any accidents if they were to occur. Our staff will offer support when you want to decommission your suppression system, and will have you protected again with a modern, safe, and effective suppression system. Our job is to guarantee that your business is protected at all times, making our turnaround time on discharged cylinders as quick as ever.

Get the protection you need today!

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