Fire Safety & Commercial Renovations: What You Need To Know...

July 10, 2017

Architects and engineers leading commercial renovations need the most modern equipment to stay competitive and meet provincial and federal guidelines for fire safety. Have you and your team considered the following critical fire safety questions with your next big job in mind?

Is the fire system outdated?

Imagine the horror of having a fire in your facility and your fire suppression literally fails to activate. Wear, rust, and other damage, plus components and chemicals past their limited lifetime are the leading causes of such catastrophes. But don't just trust your own evaluation of these signs: fire suppression systems require professional inspection.

How much is the upkeep costing you?

Have you just had an inspector through and been quoted five figures to repair damage or replace outdated extinguishers? Are you going to be facing bills like this every year or two? Just as with rusty cars and decrepit houses, the benefits of maintaining your system outweigh the ongoing outlay you'll require to maintain aged infrastructure. And with a new system you won't be taking the risk a staff member grabs an extinguisher in an emergency only to find out it's not working!

Are you you up to code?

Violations of the fire code are some of the most serious matters facing provincial authorities. Fire code violations can lead to up to heavy fines and even possible jail time for a corporation! If disaster does strike the onus will be on you as the facility manager to prove that your equipment and inspection regime were up-to-date. If something happened today would you honestly be able say you were prepared?

There you have it: old and outdated fire equipment risks failure, costs a fortune in upkeep, and may violate fire codes!

The first step for successful fire suppression retrofitting is settling on a system type. Fire control experts conclude that gas-based "clean agents" are more effective than traditional water or chemical foam suppression. Clean agent systems eliminate the fire quickly, reduce the damage to equipment, and increase the safety of people in the fire area; because they permeate into cabinets and obstructed areas they are uniquely suited to protect the electronics hidden inside a piece of equipment, a likely place for a fire to start .

For further info and a quick comparison have a look at our eBook!

Choosing the right system isn't just a matter of safety. Proper architectural layouts and the most effective price per square meter are impossible to configure before you settle on the right system. Have you talked with your provider lately?

Wait a second—my fire system provider hasn't called me in two years!!

Fire safety systems can't just be installed and forgotten about. You need a vendor that takes care of the entire lifecycle of your system such as:

  • Installation of a modern, comprehensive system that is in-line with fire code in your jurisdiction and maximizes your best space usage.
  • Inspection on a minimum of an annual basis, including pertinent training and descriptions to your staff.
  • Maintenance & repair wherever needed, including on an emergency basis

Control Fire Systems strives to put the needs of our partners first. To us, business relationships are more about long-term value for all parties. It's with this in mind that we offer an on-site audit and free system assessment of your current fire suppression equipment. We will check your system from the ground up, identifying upgrades you need while avoiding costly expenses you don't--the benefits of doing this before you start your retrofit couldn't be more obvious!

I've heard enough—what do I need to do?

Start by educating yourself on the options available. Our comparison of leading systems in our eBook is an excellent place to start. You'll learn about the ins and outs of clean agents, how commercial fire safety has evolved over time, and finally have a look at major systems in the marketplace.

Your goals are constantly changing and the processes you need to achieve them have to evolve as well. You're not going to solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday's tools are you? You owe it to yourself and your team to prepare properly for your next big job with the right kind of fire suppression. Contact Control Fire Systems today for a free on-site assessment and quote.

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