Which Industries Depend on Advanced Fire Suppression Systems?

March 8, 2017

Fire suppression is all about containing and extinguishing a fire before any serious damage can take place. Automatic fire suppression systems don't require anyone to flip a switch or press a button. When and as there are indicators of a fire in progress, the system activates begins the task of bringing the blaze under control. Many industries make use of these systems as a way to ensure safety and avoid damage to the places where people work. Here are some examples.

The Manufacturing Industry

The owners of manufacturing plants understand the importance of fire suppression systems. A lot is at stake if a fire should break out in any area of the operation. Consider what it would mean to lose all the raw materials used in the production process as the result of a fire. Damage to equipment could mean severe losses that make it impossible to fill orders. Even in warehouses where the finished goods are stored until they can be shipped to customers, smoke and heat damage could render them unfit for use.

Above and beyond the loss of materials, equipment, and goods, there is the matter of human life to consider. The right suppression system will activate quickly enough to contain the fire and provide the precious seconds needed to vacate the facility. Preventing injuries and possibly death among the employees is a responsibility that many business owners take seriously. For that reason, they will work with a professional to come up with suppression solutions that ensure every employee is protected.

Health Care

Think of what the right approach to fire prevention and suppression means for different types of health care facilities. Should a fire break out in a hospital, quick containment means the staff has time to move the patients to a safe spot. In a nursing home or an assisted living facility, overhead sprinklers or other suppression systems can mean the difference between a resident being trapped and everyone being kept out of harm's way. Even in medical clinics and doctor's offices, the right safety measures means patients and staff have the opportunity to exit the building if a fire breaks out and remain safe.

The Food Service Industry

Food service involves a number of different types of establishments. There are restaurants, cafes, bistros, cafeterias, and catering facilities where food is prepared. Even the kitchens found in hotels would be part of this industry. What would happen if a fire were to break out and employees could not get to an exit?

The right approach to suppression focuses on installing a fire suppression system that brings the fire under control long enough for everyone to get out. In many cases, the system will be effective enough to keep the damage to a minimum as professional fire fighters race to the scene. The result is no one is hurt and the amount of damage done is limited.

These are only three industries where fire safety and suppression matters. If you are a business owner, contact an expert and explore the options for enhancing your current system. Doing so could save lives, resources, and time at some point in the future.

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