How to Refill Novec 1230 and FM-200 Fire Suppression System

May 12, 2022

Control Fire Systems is UL/ULC Listed Clean Agent Recycling and Refilling Facility

Control Fire Systems has all of the clean agents available for your fire suppression system now in stock. No matter what clean agent you are looking for, we are able to assist you in refilling or servicing your equipment. Our experts are ready around the clock to provide our service and keep you safe.

Being an UL/ULC facility means that we are an authorized dealer of both Novec 1230 and FM 200. In fact, we are the only station in Canada that is ULC listed for both fill and recharge services. Upgrading your fire suppression system and keeping it up to date is easy when working with Control Fire Systems, as we have the ability to recycle old fire suppression agents such as Halon 1301 and replace them with a modern, less harmful equivalent.

Our service technicians are authorized and qualified to work on several of the leading brands and types of fire suppression cylinders, including: Kidde, Chemetron, Fenwal, Sevo, Ansul, FireFlex, Fike, Minimax, Siemens, and Sea-Fire. We work with a wide variety of fire suppression agents that fit the needs of our clients and the places they wish to protect. The fire suppression agents we work with are: HFC-227, FM-200, 3M Novec 1230, C02, Halon 1301, Halotron, and FE-36. Our customers, their safety, and their buildings are our number one priority. We offer 24/7 emergency system cylinder recharge and refilling so that no matter when fire strikes, we will be there to keep you protected.

Control Fire Systems is your one-stop shop for all of your fire suppression needs. We are fully licensed and certified to perform refills on and maintain your Novec 1230, FM-200, and other fire suppression systems. Protecting you and your property from fire is our business, and we do it best. Our technicians are available for you and the protection of your building at any time - if you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at 1-866-525-8514 or visit us in person at 63 Advance Road, Toronto.

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