How Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Protect Water-Sensitive Equipment

November 3, 2017

If you're a business owner or someone in charge of safety systems at your company, you've likely heard of "clean agent" fire suppression systems, which are generally deployed in environments sensitive to traditional sprinkler systems, such as data or IT centres.

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Fire protection systems can sometimes harm, or even destroy, the items they're meant to protect. Commercial fire protection systems are meant to prevent damage, not cause it. Clean agent suppression systems are an innovative option to include in your fire suppression system if your operation is home to sensitive materials that would be destroyed by traditional water-based extinguishing systems.

What is a Clean Agent System?

Clean agent systems such as Novec 1230 or Kidde extinguish fires chemically by removing the heat energy from a fire without the use of water. They don't leave an oily or dirty residue behind that can damage assets. Clean agent suppression systems are environmentally-friendly and have zero ozone depletion potential,

Understanding how these systems work help you get the most out of them and maximize their benefits. To minimize fire damage, clean agent fire protection systems use a gaseous agent to diffuse fires. They're also effective against chemical fire that can't be put out with water or traditional fire sprinkler systems.

Clean agent fire suppression systems are ideal for:

  • Data centers
  • IT rooms
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Healthcare offices
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical storage
  • Museums

Installing a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

When a clean agent system is installed, cylinders containing the clean agent, such as Novec 1230 or FM-200 can be stored within or outside the protected area. A piping network is connected front the cylinders to discharge nozzles within each potential fire hazard.

If the alarm system detects heat or smoke, an electronic signal is sent to the control unit, which activates a solenoid on the cylinder and the clean agent gas is discharge into the fire location in less than 10 seconds.

Selector valve technology have also made these systems able to send clean agent only to specific hazard zones enabling on cylinder bank capable if protecting more than one room.

Why The FireFlex Dual Novec 1230 is Right For Your Facility

Clean agent systems are designed to protect the contents of water sensitive hazards, such as IT or telecom equipment. A dual agent system provides the highest level of protection for mission-critical facilities.

The FireFlex DUAL Novec 1230 integrated system consists of an integrated double interlock Electric/Pneumatic release preaction automatic sprinkler valve combined with a clean agent fire extinguishing system, which is factory-assembled within a single cabinet. All the components necessary for both extinguishing systems are integrated.

The system uses SEVO 1230 FORCE500 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System for Class A, B and C fires. This clean extinguishing agent is based on sustainable technology and meets the stringent environmental standards.

The extinguishing agent is designed as per NFPA 2001 requirements. The Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a colorless fluid and stored as a pressurized liquid and injected into a room, area, or compartment that has the structural integrity to retain the discharged agent. The agent is dispensed as an odorless, electrically nonconductive vapor, and leaves no residue.

The FIREFLEX DUAL cabinet is made of sturdy 14 gauge steel. All surfaces are rust proof coated, inside and out, with fire red oven baked polyester powder on a phosphate base. The cabinet is delivered with two doors fitted with neoprene gasketing to guard against vibration, and provide access to pressure gauges and the manual emergency release. The doors are equipped with hinges that are easily disassembled for servicing and maintenance. The cabinet assembly is pre-assembled, pre-wired, and factory-tested under ISO-9001 conditions.

Electrical junction boxes are integrated inside the cabinet for connection of detection system, auxiliary contacts and signaling devices.

Maximize The Protection of Sensitive Assets With a Clean Agent Suppression System

Fire protection systems sometimes harm – and even destroy – the very items they're meant to protect. Clean agent fire suppression systems are an innovative approach to fire suppression that protects your employees, assets, records, and equipment crucial to your business's survival.

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