Fire Damage Stats and Figures: Numbers Don’t Lie

September 30, 2017

“Just in 2015, 27 large-loss fires resulted in a total of $2.5 billion in direct property losses. High-rise buildings, manufacturing establishments, educational properties, retail properties and more were affected. There were 1,345,500 fires resulting in 3,280 civilian deaths."

That's some pretty scary statistics - no business owner or manager wants to think about what they would do if a fire disaster ever struck their business, but unfortunately the worst sometimes happens and the only thing you can do is be prepared. Part of that is first understanding where the danger lies. Major causes of fires in office buildings include arson, smoking material, wiring and appliances.

"A closer look at the leading cause of fire in different venues reveals:

Business Type Leading Cause of Fire
Health Care Facilities 61 percent cooking equipment
Industrial Manufacturing 14 percent heating equipment and shop tools
Retail Stores 22 percent electrical fires
Office Properties 29 percent cooking equipment
Religious Properties 30 percent cooking equipment
Restaurants and Bars 57 percent cooking equipment
Schools 38 percent intentionally set fires
Warehouses 18 percent lighting equipment and set fires"

Most fires occur at manufacturing and industrial properties. Retail stores are a close second. On a yearly basis, fire departments respond to 37,000 fires at manufacturing and industrial properties. The response to retail establishments is 13,570. Most fires occur during regular business hours. The average cost of one fire in a warehouse is $128,099 in property damage alone. Fires tally up to big dollars.

Studies have been done on the effect of fire prevention strategies and its effect on different types of properties. For example, when sprinkler systems were installed in religious properties, the cost of property damage was reduced by 73 percent. That is a substantial reduction. Smoke detectors are not enough. An additional layer of protection is needed for the both the safety of property and people. Commercial fire sprinkler systems pump out up to 24 gallons of water per minute and are statistically known to lessen both structural fire damage and restoration costs. Without a doubt, prevention and fire suppression systems are key to preventing expensive and dangerous fires before they start.

Fire is a total destroyer. It leaves only destruction in its wake. And a business owner is responsible for the safety of people and property. It's critical for businesses to have the property fire prevention equipment. The proper fire prevention equipment pays for itself in both property valuation and insurance rate savings for businesses. Save lives, save property and save money.

We work closely with our customers to build comprehensive, end-to-end fire protection plans and systems that will work day-to-day to safeguard a company's most important assets - its people and its products. Get a custom-made fire protection system that's tailored to your business's unique needs. To learn more on how you can save your business and lives, call Control Fire Systems at 1-866-384-1280. When it comes to fire, we deliver the best protection. We think of fire before it starts and have been since 1975. Don't ever let anyone in your building have to yell “Fire."

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