3 Reasons Why Smoke Alarm Maintenance is Critical for Your Business

July 18, 2017

Smoke alarms, in commercial and industrial facilities, serve to monitor large areas for any smoke threats which may pose a danger to the property and its occupants. These alarms act as vital elements of effective security systems ensuring the safety of multitudes of people and assets.

Smoke Alarms in Your Fire Suppression System Setup

In a business setting, smoke detectors play a critical role in signalling a fire emergency to the alarm panels linked to the greater fire alarm system. The activation of this system in turn triggers a cascade of other alarms aimed at addressing the threat, coordinating response efforts, and triggering your suppression system.

While most public awareness campaigns usually focus on residential smoke alarm maintenance, it is equally important to ensure that businesses, large and small, also maintain this essential notification system. Various factors can impact the effectiveness of a smoke alarm and impact its ability to function at optimal level:

  • Dust and dirt buildup,
  • Vandalism or tampering,
  • Lack of monitoring of system connectivity
  • Improper installation
  • Environmental exposures to temperature, humidity and voltage
  • System aging

These factors can pose a serious risk to the integrity of a fire alarm system and require close and careful attention. However, regular testing and maintenance of smoke alarms and fire systems are not only to ensure technical efficiency but also for these reasons:


Most often, smoke alarms are the first indicator which alerts occupants of a building to the presence of dangerous smoke and can mean the difference between a quick, safe response and a tragic disaster. The maintenance of a sensitive and effective smoke detection system allows for the early detection of any kind of fire threat so that people can be moved to safety as quickly as possible. This prompt evacuation of personnel and staff helps to avoid the dangerous health consequences of major smoke inhalation and injury. In addition, most alarm systems also provide the opportunity for emergency response personnel to pinpoint the location of the fire. This allows the responders to be strategic in their approach to extinguishing the threat while also helping to ensure their safety in doing so.

Reason #2: IT'S THE LAW

The National Canadian Fire Alarm Code and Standards carefully detail the regulations regarding the installation and maintenance of all smoke alarms and fire alarm systems for commercial buildings. These regulations have been developed to ensure the safety and security of occupants and property. Failure to comply with government regulations regarding commercial fire safety standards can result in heavy fines and legal consequences. Companies also face the risk of lawsuit due to negligent maintenance of smoke and fire alarm systems in the event occupants are injured or surrounding properties are damaged or destroyed.


Commercial properties often contain large quantities of materials which have been purchased for business purposes. The setup and operations of businesses often require heavy investments into real estate, site design, office furniture, electronics, supplies and inventory. Preventative measures like the proper installation and maintenance of smoke alarms and fire systems serves to help in safeguarding these assets from damage, loss, and the cost of repair or replacement.

Regular maintenance of smoke detectors and fire alarm systems by certified, qualified fire safety professionals can serve to protect not only the people involved in your business, but also your business itself.

For more information on developing a maintenance plan for your commercial fire system, contact Control Fire Systems today for a free consultation and quote.

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