Sea-Fire FM-200 Stinger

Phasedown of Hydrofluorocarbons: Establishing the Allowance Allocation and Trading Program under the AIM Act

Sea-Fire Stinger model FT Series FM-200 Automatic Fire Extinguishers employ a high tech polymer tubing that ruptures when the temperature in the hazard environment goes beyond 175° F (79° C) releasing the FM-200 agent directly onto or near the source of the fire.

  • Automatic fire protection for small compartments and enclosures
  • No power required for activation
  • Utilizes FM-200 agent
  • Quick, easy installation in minutes, no mounting Acc. required
  • Low pressure switch that monitors leaks or activation
  • Suitable for for use from 0°F to 130°F
  • Non-refillable
  • CE Approved
  • Not Coast Guard Approved
  • Not FM Approved
  • Three year manufacturer warranty

The specialized tubing has been tested and proven effective in small, enclosed, hard to reach areas. The tubing is very durable; combines leak resistance, flexibility, and precise temperature sensitivity. The tubing responds quickly to excessive temperature increases in the hazard environment, providing rapid yet effective fire suppression

Sea-Fire Stinger model fire extinguishers