Minimax Inert Fire Suppression

Minimax Argotec Inert Gas Fire Supression Argon is stored as a compressed inert gas in high pressure steel cylinders. At an ambient temperature of +15 C (approximately 62 F) the Argon operating pressure inside the cylinder is approximately 2,900 P.S.I.(200 bar). Pressure reducers are provided in the mechanical discharge pipe to reduce the discharged Argon pressure at the discharge nozzle(s) to a total maximum pressure of approximately 870 P.S.I. (60 bar).

Argotec's individual cylinder suspension weighing mechanism provides a unique and inexpensive method to supervise and monitor, at a glance, each cylinder's Argon leak seal integrity. Argon inert gas total flood fire suppression systems are UL/ULC and NFPA 2001 approved for occupied areas.

Minimax Argotec Inert gas fire suppression system