Potter PFC-3002

The Potter PFC-3002T panel is designed for non-coded fire alarm systems in small commercial, institutional and industrial occupancies.

The PFC-3002T includes one circuit board providing all the essentials for a complete fire alarm system. Two Class 'B' initiating circuits and one Class 'B' indicating circuit are provided by the PFC-3002T. The indicating circuit is protected from shorts by self-restoring circuitry.

Supervision includes ground fault detection, battery low level or open wire fault, initiating and indicating circuit wiring faults and loss of A.C. power. Initiating circuits are supervised for opens and ground faults. Indicating circuits are supervised for opens, shorts and ground faults. LED indicators are provided for Zone Alarm, Zone Trouble, A.C. On, Battery Fault, Ground Fault, Common Trouble, Signal Trouble and Signal Silenced. Switches are provided for Zone disconnect/silence, trouble silence and reset.


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