FAAST Air Sampling

FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology® from System Sensor – the world leader in smoke detection technology – is an ultra sensitive highly effective aspirating smoke detector which provides Very Early Warning type smoke detection in diverse applications ranging from mission critical to harsh environments. FAAST's highly specialized chamber uses Dual Vision technology to detect extremely low concentrations of smoke while maintaining a high level of immunity to non-smoke particulate – enabling Very Early Warning type smoke detection in harsh and difficult environments. The chamber, which utilizes a blue LED and an infrared laser to analyze the air sample, has a configurable range of 0.00029% - 6.25%/ft (0.00095% - 20.5%/m) obscuration and has been specifically designed to provide high sensitivity and stability. This sensitivity range can meet and exceed the requirements of Very Early Warning smoke detection, making FAAST highly customizable to meet site-specific requirements. FAAST provides multiple levels of alarm, allowing for the implementation of strategic response plans and ample time to address a smoke event before it escalates into an actual fire and causes damage and downtime.