When Should I Replace My Fire Alarm System?

December 30, 2016

It's great that you have a fire alarm system in place. The thing you need to remember is that these systems are not designed to last forever. The day will come when you need to think about taking a fresh look at system and decide if it needs to be replaced. Here are some signs that such a day has arrived.

Repairs are More Frequent

While many alarm systems need little other than general maintenance, replacing faulty components will happen from time to time. Little things can happen, like sprinkler heads failing to deploy properly, or alarms that seem to take longer to detect the presence of heat or smoke.

Pay close attention to how frequently some part needs to be replaced. When it seems as if the repairs are occurring every few months, it may be time to talk with an expert about investing in new fire detection devices. Doing so does mean spending a fair amount of money up front, but it also means no longer having to cover the costs of repairs on a frequent basis.

The Need to Add on to a System

Thanks to the growth of the company, there's the need to add on to the building. Part of the effort will involve tapping into the existing plan for fire protection and adding more equipment. An expert can look at what's already in place and determine if connecting with that existing system would be fine, or if it would lead to a reduced level of efficiency.

Should the expert believe that attempting to expand the current system would mean less protection for the client, now is the time to make a real change. Learn more about newer systems and what they would offer for the greater amount of square footage that needs to be protected.

Needing a System That's More Comprehensive

There was a time when the business owner could get by with one of the basic fire alarm systems. Now that the business is expanding, that old system may not have all the features needed to do the job. Choosing to take a look at systems that come with more options and a broader range of protections is a smart move in this case. The right system would offer all the protections provided by the old one while including several new approaches that increase the potential to keep employees safe and contain the fire until help can arrive.

If you have any doubts about the efficiency of your present system, don't write them off as being overly cautious. When it comes to fire safety, there is no such thing as being too concerned. Contact a controlfiresystems.com local service provider and arrange for a consultant to come out and take a good look at every facet of the current setup. It won't take long to determine if the existing system is in good condition and still offers a reasonable level of protection. If not, that same consultant can go over the options for a replacement fire alarm system and ensure the design is ideal for your business setting.

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