What is the right type of fire extinguisher for your business?
A fire extinguisher is a legal requirement for every establishment: whether is is an office, place of business, an industrial site, or otherwise. But the problem is that not all ...
Clearing Up the Fire Code Confusion - Is Your Business Compliant?
The Fire Code in Ontario was instated in the Fire Protection and Prevention Act of 1997.
4 Fire Inspection and Detection Steps Every Facility Must Take
To avoid the damages related to fire, it is important to take precaution; careful and well calculated steps should be taken to avoid fire outbreak at every business.
3 Reasons Why Smoke Alarm Maintenance is Critical for Your Business
Learn more about reasons why smoke alarms act as vital elements of effective security systems ensuring the safety of multitudes of people and assets.
The Halon Danger: Why You Need To Audit Your Fire Equipment Today
Jurisdictions across North America and globally produced protocols have been phasing out Halons, beginning in 1993 and accelerating over the following decades. Although they are effective in stopping the chemical ...
Learn How Linear Heat Detection Saves Money AND Lives in Hazardous Conditions
Linear heat detection systems have saved countless lives in a number of settings, both industrial and commercial.
Beginners Guide to Fire Alarm Panels & Fire Extinguishers
Now that your business has grown to the point that it makes sense to build your own facility, it’s time to think about safety measures. Here are some essentials ...
Detailed Logbooks are the Key to Maintaining Fire Alarm Equipment
Congratulations on the fire alarm equipment that keeps your business and your employees safe. Specifically, you need to have a process in place that ensures all that equipment receives a ...
Choosing the Right Fire Alarm Company for Your Business
You've invested a lot of time and resources in your company. It makes sense that you would want to protect your employees and your investment. One of the best ...

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