5 Ways The Oxeo Fire System by Minimax Keeps Your Server Room Safe

June 23, 2017

If your company has a server room, then that is the brain of your entire business. Your data is a vital part of your ability to operate, and protecting it should become one of your highest priorities. Fire detection systems only let your know a fire has ignited, but the proper fire suppression system can have a fire put out as quickly as possible, minimizing data and equipment loss. Let's look at a few reasons why your business would benefit from a server room fire system:

1. Your Server Room Needs Special Protection

Server rooms usually have special security specifications, so it only makes sense to have a special fire suppression system as well. Server rooms are full of sensitive electronic equipment, which means the material used to put out any fires should not have any damaging effect on the equipment.

2. Oxeo Fire System Basics

The Oxeo fire suppression system, manufactured by Minimax, uses inert gases, such as such as Nitrogen and Argon, to extinguish fires and keep your server room safe. These gases can be used alone, or the system can use a mixture of these gases, along with possibly a small volume of carbon dioxide. The Oxeo fire system can be adjusted to protect either a single extinguishing zone or multiple extinguishing zones in a single building. If a building is equipped with multiple extinguishing zones, a valve system is utilized to ensure that only in the zone in which a fire is detected will the gases be released.

3. The Pipe System Explained

In the event of a fire being detected, an installed system of pipes will deliver the gases to the applicable extinguishing zone. The advantage of the pipe system is that it delivers the pressurized gases in order to remove as much oxygen from the area as possible, both smothering the fire and preventing it from growing.

4. A More Compact Option

You may have servers or other kinds of equipment that are stored in smaller spaces, such as a server cabinet. The Oxeo prefabricated fire suppression system is specially designed for those kinds of smaller spaces, with every part of the gas delivery system fitting into a compact cabinet.

5. Multiple Nozzles for Multiple Situations

Another customizable aspect of the Oxeo fire system is the type of nozzle you can have installed in each extinguishing zone. Each nozzle has its own unique characteristics:

RD Nozzles

These nozzles are the most commonly used, are good in situations with harsh ambience, and come in ½" and ¾" sizes.

SPA Nozzles

These nozzles allow for "soft flooding" of a room with gases, good for rooms with equipment that is especially sensitive to sound pressure levels.

ARGE Nozzles

When a precise amount of gases are needed for small rooms and enclosures, ARGE Nozzles provide an accurately measured dose. The stainless steel of the nozzle allows for the amount of gases emitted to be more precise.

DD Nozzle

These are used when flush mounting of the nozzles is required, usually in the panels or housing of a facility. These nozzles are specially designed for quick and easy mounting.

Reach out to Control Fire Systems Ltd. today to discuss safeguarding your business. Control Fire Systems is a Canadian-based supplier of fire detection devices that has been operating since 1975. Contact them at 1-866-384-1280, or visit them online at ControlFireSystems.com for a free consultation.

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